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Reusable Red Cups on Desire This!

Posted by Red Cup Living on

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Huge thanks to Joab for such a great write up! He did his fact checking and got the story right. Cannot say the same for Fox News, Good Morning America and NBC Rock Center!

Listen up...we are our own company! We love red cups so we made them reusable and dishwasher safe. We are all about connecting people together and sharing in those impromptu moments that add so much quality to life.

We got picked up by the national media 4 times in one weekend. Such a blessing but they didn't do their fact checking. We don't want to kick a gift horse in the mouth but come on people! So huge thanks go out to the great journalists over at Desire This! They told how our red cups are different and what we are about as a company. We couldn't be happier. Cheers!

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