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4 Fun Ideas for Decorating Your Home for Valentine's Day

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The special day for all romantics is the day named after a saint and deals with all things of the heart. If you are planning a special Valentine’s Day gathering or just want to set the mood in your home, there are a number of nifty and affordable ways to prepare for this day of love-sharing.

Setting the Mood for Love

While it’s all about love, there are two overriding themes for Valentine’s Day to show that idea—hearts and the color red. You can work everything else—from flowers to food to drinks—around these two concepts and have a winner for your final look. Of course, a little creativity and uniqueness will make your effort all the more rewarding.

You can find a lot of ideas for custom-made holiday decorations on Etsy and Pinterest. If you are the DIY-type, you have plenty of time to follow some of these attractive ideas. However, there are lots of different party supply houses and sites that offer many pre-packaged Valentine’s Day assortments and decorations. Also, you’ll find all the red-themed (and pink too) cups and other supplies at Red Cup Living (www.redcupliving.com).  Mixing the two colors makes it extra fun for Valentine's Day!

Making Your Day Special

If this is the year you want to do something really special for Valentine’s Day, here are four creative ideas to consider:

  • A “Remember the Day” Party. Most people went out of their way to plan for their proposal, wedding and honeymoon. Plan a party and ask your guests to come prepared to share their special stories about these events. Ask them to bring their pictures, scrapbooks and other mementos to share the special times. Have a camera ready and get them to re-enact their proposal and post the recreation on your favorite social media site. You can then make up a special card to send your friends on their next anniversary
  • Glam Glitter Party. If you want to have a pre-Valentine’s Day party for the girls to create decorations for everybody’s homes, buy some paint, glitter, glue and Styrofoam or craft letters. You can help everyone make different-sized Xs and Os and the stackable L O V E letters to create the iconic love sign. If you buy some larger craft hearts, you can also make some replica heart candies and put your own special messages on them like you would find in the packaged varieties.
  • Put your decorations on display by plannning a red-themed buffet for your guests. Invite them to all bring a different food that has red in it, from devil’s food to red wine. Or you can challenge everyone to come up with different ways to present regular food with a little bit of food coloring and imagination. Add some romance to the evening by showing Love Story after the meal—just make sure you have lots of tissues handy.

Instead of just celebrating the day, make your lovefest last a week. Buy disposable red dishes and cups and use them all week. Hang some red crepe and hearts around your house, and even create your own Valentine’s Day tree—with some small gifts under the tree wrapped in hearts. Take a small branch from a tree in your yard and paste on different shapes and sizes of hearts to make your tree, or buy one that is pre-made. Just a little effort will have everyone smiling on your special day of love!

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