Quality Counts

Our Cup Sliced in Half


All red cups are not created equal! Ours aren't the single-use flimsy plastic.  They are solid plastic you can use again and again!  Simply put them in the dishwasher and help save our environment from the single-use plastics that are piling up on our land and oceans.

We created the first reusable red party cup and we know quality. All of our cups are made from 2 molds making them incredibly durable and long lasting. Not only do we use dense high-quality ABS plastic but we also make sure there is nothing toxic included. No BPA or phthalates here—just awesome cups that are superb quality!  If you want our quality, make sure you turn over the cup and check for our brand.  It will be clearly imprinted on the bottom.   

Our cups may cost a little more (than those who have knocked us off), but trust us it’s worth it. Not only will you get the best quality but you will be supporting a small, family business in America not some huge overseas operation. Plus, if you ever want to rave over our products or have an issue you can always reach us—we actually answer the phone. We are firmly committed to delighting each and every customer. Cheers!

All our cups are:

  • Non toxic and do not have BPAs or Phthalates that are hidden in a lot of plastics and horrible for your health
  • Eco-consciously cool because they are dishwasher safe - use them again and again
  • Super high quality, solid double-walled (see photo of one of our cups sliced in half above) ABS plastic that will last 
  • Made by our family and we stand behind all our products
  • Meant to be used in spending awesome moments with your friends, family and neighbors