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All reusable red cups are not created equal!!! And you won’t find our cups at Walmart. (They carry a cheap, piece of crap knock off that uses inferior plastic).

Red Cup Living created the reusable red party cup in 2011 (it all started on our patio). We know quality! All of our cups are made from 2 molds making them incredibly durable and long lasting. Not only do we use dense high-quality ABS plastic but we also make sure there is nothing toxic included. No BPA or phthalates here—just safe drinkware you can trust.

Our cups may cost a little more, but trust us it’s worth it. Not only will you get the best quality but you will be supporting a small, family business in America and not some Chinese factory! Plus, if you ever want to rave over our products or have an issue you can always reach us—we actually answer the phone. We are firmly committed to delighting each and every customer. Cheers!