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Unite with Red Cup Living

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We always associate Red Cups with having a good time or being around other people in a group atmosphere. To Prove my point I will say this…. The last time you were driving through your neighborhood and you saw a red cup or two sitting on the wall in front of a house or laying on the lawn what were your thoughts? I can bet that your thoughts were much like mine. “They must have had a good time there last night” or “Man, I wonder why I was not Invited?” Well you are right on base if you are thinking this because this is one of the reasons that Red Cup Living is where it is today. These products are not just products. These products are part of a movement or a blast from the past if you will. These product are here to inspire people and community to come together to have a good time, socialize, and create memories. The only difference is that now you do not have to throw your cups away. These cups and accessories are made from ABS plastic and will not break. They are also dish washer safe. Enjoy a beverage from the monster 32 0z. cup or have a little fun with the shooter cup. Either way come together with your friends and community to Unite With Red Cup Living. Mention this ad and the Promo Code “OCR” and Enjoy 10% off on your merchandise purchases.

Check out the whole story on OurCityRadio.com.

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