10 Rules to Happiness in 2015

10 Rules to Happiness in 2015

Posted by Red Cup Living on 14th Jan 2015

The holidays are over and done. Reality sets in. And its cold outside! We can all use some inspiration this time of year. Here at Red Cup Living we believe happiness comes from deeply connected relationships with those you love. Here are 10 rules to happiness in 2015:

1. Be grateful for what you have don’t focus on what you don’t

2. Enjoy simplicity – it is the small wonders in life that bring about the most pleasure!

3. Live for today. Carpe Diem!

4. Know that expectations are disappointment waiting to happen. Don’t set yourself up!

5. Know what you want…what you really, really want. Make sure how you spend your time each day lines up with what’s important to you.

6. Smile as much as possible. Yes, that means, even when you don’t feel like it! Funny how smiling can change everything.

7. Have fun! Plan some fun into each and every week.

8. Spend time with those you love. Days pass quickly, don’t forget to plan time with family and friends. A simple walk, sharing a red cup, talking on the phone, taking in a movie, going out to eat…being truly connected lights our hearts on fire!

9. Love each other. No matter how different. We all have something to offer each other.

10. Learn from your mistakes. Forgiveness is such a powerful thing.

I hope you will share this list with those you love. May the spirit of Red Cup Living inspire you to have a happy and healthy New Year! Check out our Red Cup story at www.redcupliving.com.