5 Secrets to a Stress-less and Joyful Holiday Season

5 Secrets to a Stress-less and Joyful Holiday Season

Posted by Red Cup Living on 5th Nov 2013

As much as we love the joy of the season, holidays are stressful for so many of us. So much so, that we end up missing the whole point of the season! Our philosophy here at Red Cup Living is to keep things simple and focus on the people and not all the material things that can suck the cheer right out of the holidays. Read below and share ways you simplify and de-stress the holidays. We will choose one winner to receive a set of 4 Red Cup Living 12 oz. Coffee Mugs to help you stay warm and bring added cheer to this holiday season!

Here are my 5 secrets for a stress-less and joyful holiday season:

1. Be conscious and set priorities. Before the busyness of the season sets in take a few minutes to clear your mind and think about what is most important to you and your family. Write down your priorities. Here are some thoughts to get you started: Making it magical for your kids? Re-connecting with extended family? Giving to others? Use your priorities to help guide your plans. Check in with your priorities to make sure you are focused on what matters most. If something else creeps in just say “NO”! I promise you will feel amazing if your priorities are in line with how you spend your time during the holiday season.

2. Prepare for travel & family. Take a look at where you plan to be during the holidays. If travel is in your future, start now with car maintenance, airline tickets, hotel reservations, etc. Having those plans set will help you breathe so much easier! If you are hosting the family start planning who will sleep where and what if anything you need to help make them comfortable. I create a fun little tray in rooms with a carafe and cups (maybe red cups for a festive touch) for water, ear plugs, small treats/snacks, hand sanitizer, room spray, and fun bath products. Personalize one for your guests and see how amazed they are by this one small gesture! If I spend the holidays elsewhere I do something to make the host and hostess’s efforts easier. Something like a Harry and David gift basket or a fully prepared meal for one night delivered to their door!

3. Share in the responsibility. Meals, trips to and from the airport, decorations, planning events for everyone to do, housekeeping – WHOA! We all know there is a ton of work in entertaining family for the holidays. This year get your family involved! Assign everyone something to do or a meal to prepare. Make it fun by creating a chart of activities and areas to help or making it a competition. One way to do this is have a theme night like Mexican food. Everyone must whip up something fun for the evening like food, entertainment, décor. See who comes up with the best performance and award accordingly!

4. Decorate one room well. Your whole house doesn’t have to scream the holidays. Choose the place where your family spends the most time and decorate it up! Décor doesn’t have to be expensive and can be as simple as a few poinsettias, wreaths and lights! Smaller neighborhood stores are always my favorite places to find the most unique and inspiring décor. There are also many ways to make decorations yourself. I love these great ideas from Real Simple Magazine.

5. Simplify! What ways can you simplify this year? There are so many ideas out there. Why don’t you share one with us! One comment will be chosen to receive 4 of our Red Cup Living 12 oz. Coffee Mugs!

Next week tune in for secrets on finding and giving the perfect gift…