5 Steps to Get Patio Parties Started in Your Neighborhood

5 Steps to Get Patio Parties Started in Your Neighborhood

Posted by Red Cup Living on 11th Jul 2012

We are only a few weeks into launching and Red Cup Living's reusable red cups are selling fast!  Here's 5 steps on how to get your first Red Cup Living patio party started...

1.  Sit on your patio or porch when you have a moment to decompress at the end of the day.  Wave to your neighbors walking, biking, in their yards, etc.  If possible strike up a conversation.  You need to be familiar with one another before you can feel comfortable going to a patio party!  The more consistently you do this the more neighbors you will meet, especially when the weather is great for being outdoors.

2.  Create your own neighborhood facebook page simply invite them to be friends or even exchange email addresses (non-commital way to get a relationship with your neighbors started). First add those you already know then add those you meet by sitting on your patio over time. A neighborhood facebook page can be an excellent way to share all kinds of information from sports leagues and school information for the kids to a block watch and other community issues or communications.

3.  Announce to your neighbors, friends, etc. a patio party at your house including date, time and what to bring.  You supply the reusable red cups and everyone brings their favorite drink (we always say it doesn't matter what is in your red cup)!  You could supply food, appetizers or even nothing at all.  It doesn't need to be formal. Most of our patio parties include some munchies like nuts, chips or pretzels.

4.  Wear your Red Cup Living tee shirt, hold your reusable red cup and use our red cup magnetic bottle opener to get the party started! If you are really serious you can even purchase one of our cool banners to hang outside your house.  We hang our banner on patio party days.  Instead of announcing it, if our neighbors, friends or family sees the Red Cup Living banner they know they can stop by that night.  You may be amazed by how many people show up over time.  We promise if you hold patio parties consistently you will see them grow and grow.

5.  Now sit back, enjoy and watch how new connections are made, new friendships are formed, business deals get done, kids playing together and well, a general sense of a job well done.  You have started to get transform you neighborhood into a community which will come back to you 100 fold.

Cheers! Get your patio party started today!  Shop now for everything you need to hold your first patio party!