Black Friday Survival Guide 2013

Black Friday Survival Guide 2013

Posted by Red Cup Living on 26th Nov 2013

One of the craziest shopping days of the year, Black Friday is known for fights, overbearing crowds, grabbing, stress and complete ridiculousness. If you plan on going, take some advice from me, a seasoned shopping veteran. Here is my Black Friday Survival Guide for 2013:

1. If you must go… make a plan and stick to it. Know what you want and be specific! Make sure to include alternate items because stores often sell out of top advertised specials.

2. Find a partner in crime – two head are always better than one and more fun too.

3. You really aren’t missing out on anything—when they put you in your grave will you regret that one deal you didn’t get?

4. Don’t run—it just makes you look well a little bit desperate and that is not a good look.

5. Waiting in line? Make it a party! Bring chairs, music, snacks and some reusable red cups!

6. Make a map. Jot down where you need to go in the store in priority order based on your list and what is on sale at that particular store. I know…ridiculous right? Tell me that after you get all the items on your list in record time!

7. Do the happy dance! Get a great deal? Make sure you share it with everyone…there is some sick satisfaction in rubbing it in!

8. Bring sustenance. Shopping always takes longer than you expect. Make sure your blood sugar doesn’t run low. Nothing is worse than a “hangry” Black Friday shopper!

9. Go online. Make it completely stress free and find great deals online! Red Cup Living wants you to be stress free this holiday season and enjoy what truly matters. Get 10% off your order for Black Friday by shopping with us online. Use code "blackfridaynow" from now until December 2, 2013. Happy shopping!

10. Remember it is just stuff. The more stuff you have the more you have to maintain and the less time/money is spent on experiencing life and building relationships.

11. If you want to live and not merely survive...don't go. Instead spend that precious time with your family. That is one choice you will never regret.