4 Stocking Stuffers for Families You Need to Know About

4 Stocking Stuffers for Families You Need to Know About

Posted by Red Cup Living on 9th Dec 2015

When you wake up on Christmas morning, it’s easy to remember that childhood sensation of realizing it is the BEST morning of the year. Nothing could stop you from seeing what Santa brought, especially the fun surprises in your stocking!

Ah, the stocking... great for kids but tough for those who need to fill them. There is such an art to finding the best stocking stuffers! You want them to be cool, personal, but also to be able to fit in the stocking. Too often we resort to candy and cheap throw away gifts that no one really wants. If you were lucky enough to have creative parents, there were some special treats among the candy, oranges and nuts. Then there were the really special things (things you’ve probably kept through the years), like the pocket knives or yo-yos that still bring back warm Christmas memories. And isn't that what it's all about? The real Christmas spirit is about spending time with those we love, giving to others, and appreciating all that we have to be thankful for in our lives.

If you want some unique ideas for finding that perfect stocking stuffer, here are 5 super-special stocking stuffers that will perpetuate the spirit of Christmas. And they are not just for the kids! So go on—fill up those stockings for everyone and make it a fabulous Christmas!

1.Table Topics. These popular cards come in a convenient container and include 135 sure fire conversation starters. Keeping the family talking is so important! Set them next to your dinner table and you have a great way to keep in touch.You’ll find sets that cover a wide variety of topics, so you can be sure to match the right deck to the right person. Plus, you can choose the travel edition, which will be great for your next trip.

Table Topics - Great Family Conversation Starter

2.PLAY MORE Sports Notepad. You’ll make any sports fan yell “Score!” when they find this creative pad of paper in their stocking. Just crumple the pad for your favorite sport and you’re ready to put points on the board. Plus you can write fun notes to friends and family to just give them a thumbs up, encourage them, or say "I love you."

Sports Notepad

3.Red Cup Bike Squeaker Horn. Nostalgia never sounded so sweet! Fill a stocking with this nifty way to personalize a bicycle or scooter—or any type of handlebars. It’s a great excuse (if you live in a warmer climate) to get on your bike with your family and go for a ride!

Red Cup Bike Squeaker Horn

4.Waboba Pro Extreme Water Bouncing Ball. This ball does it all. It is the perfect fun starter to play with your kids. So whether inside or out (sorry moms everywhere for any broken vases), this is an amazing polymer gel ball that will delight kids of all ages and get them active too! They have balls for water or land... and their whole philosophy is to keep life fun. We couldn't agree more!