Fun Games for Kids and Kids at Heart For Your Next Christmas Party

Fun Games for Kids and Kids at Heart For Your Next Christmas Party

Posted by Red Cup Living on 15th Dec 2015

Like the songs all say, there’s just nothing quite like being home for the holidays. Setting up the tree, wrapping the gifts and baking the cookies are all activities that we look forward to and enjoy. However, as much as kids love the Christmas season, they can easily get bored if stuck inside and surrounded by a lot of adult relatives and guests at a Christmas party. In fact, even adults find some of these events a little stuffy.

Adding to the Traditions

Fortunately, there is no need to let this boredom be a problem if you just equip yourself with a few fun and easy-to-play games. There are some solid holiday hits that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages, and they can make your party a truly special time for all.

Here are just a few of the fun ways to add a little variety to your parties. You can find many more online and even in special Christmas books. In fact, don’t be surprised if they become just as big a tradition as hanging the stockings.

Ornament Balance. You know how careful you are with the ornaments each year? Just buy some of the really cheap ones at a discount store or at the end-of-year sales. Then, set up a book or small block of wood about 10 or 12 inches high. Use a yardstick or dowel rod to create a scale or balance, and challenge players to add ornaments to each end while balancing them. This Christmas form of jenga will have the ornaments falling and breaking—and that’s half the fun to the kids. You can even set the younger members of the party to compete against the parents and grandparents for more fun.

Pass the Candy Cane. This is a sweet game that’s sure to get a lot of giggles. Have players hold a candy cane in their mouths with the hook part out. Then, transfer another candy cane between the two and onto a third and so on. It’s harder than it sounds, especially with everyone laughing. Make it more competitive by forming two lines of players and racing to see who gets the cane to the end first.

Christmas Tree Cups. Pick up a supply of reusable red cups (you can also use green) and challenge teams to build the biggest Christmas tree in one minute. You can add to the challenge by having them put an ornament on the top of each cup on the outside edge of their cup tree. Of course, you can follow this up with the cup stacking challenge, and have a tournament to find a winner.

Fill 'em Up. Fill two small containers with chocolates, get 2 pairs of gloves that can fit everyone participating and form 2 teams. Each team lines up a good 15 to 20 feet behind each bucket. Each person one by one must put on the gloves and run to the bucket. Once there, they need to open one chocolate and eat it (can be any candy you want). They must run back to their team and remove the gloves to hand to the next person in line. The first team finished eating the sweets wins!

You’ll find a few good games add to any Christmas party's cheer, especially when you have a wide range of ages to entertain. Whether you use the above, a snowball (marshmallows) toss through the hoop (Christmas wreath), or other types of activities, these games are as much a part of many family celebrations as eggnog and singing Christmas songs.