Shake Off Those Winter Blues! 3 Fun Ideas for Hosting a New Year's Eve Party

Shake Off Those Winter Blues! 3 Fun Ideas for Hosting a New Year's Eve Party

Posted by Red Cup Living on 29th Dec 2015

There’s something about New Year’s Eve that puts everyone into a positive and expectant mood. The old year and its challenges will soon be a memory, and you can feel good about a new year and a fresh start.

The Perfect Party Time

These things make New Year’s a great time to throw a party and share in the birth of new expectations. If you are planning on hosting your own celebration this year, you’ll have a lot more fun and less hassle if you take time to make a few key decisions.

First, you want to decide on the type of evening you are going to have. The more formal and sophisticated, the more time and planning you need to do it right. For example, if you want to go formal black tie and caviar, give yourself plenty of room to prepare fancy invites and just the right food and drinks.

On the other hand, you can put something together in just a few hours for a “drop in for drinks and snacks” evening. If you have a little time, you can order all the favors and supplies you need from such sites as Party City and Red Cup Living. This saves you from fighting with other holiday shoppers while you get everything else ready for your special evening.

Here are a few good hints and ideas to make your New Year’s party a trending success:

  1. Pick up some poppers and other favors. You’ll find a number of nifty party poppers and non-explosive party favors at most party stores. These come stuffed with confetti and make a great way to mark the stroke of midnight. You want to have a lot of noisemakers as well, because that’s part of chasing away those winter blues from the passing year.
  2. Have a prediction party. Gather up some unique scrapbook paper and a scrapbook or photo album. Give everyone a page and have them write in their predictions for the coming year. Snap a picture that you can place in later, and have everyone share their wishes, hopes and predictions. Then, have a ceremony, put a ribbon around the album, and tell everyone they are invited back next New Year’s to see who got it right.
  3. Make Countdown Cups. Use any cup you choose. Of course we recommend Red Cup Living's reusable party cups! They come in the classic red and many other colors too! Decide on a signature cocktail and then get Red Cup Living's cup to go with it. For example candy cane martinis would be great in a cocktail cup. Use glitter glue from a craft store to temporarily paint on numbers from 10 to 1. Display them on a tray for an eye catching decoration!
  4. Plan a Post-Midnight Supper. Instead of letting the fun stop when the ball has dropped, prepare everyone to hang around and have dinner. You’ll find it a special memory to share the first meal of the New Year with your friends, and you can make it casual buffet or sit-down. Just make sure you choose a menu that won’t interfere with your celebration. You should choose items you can prepare earlier in the day and have ready to go, such as a slow-cooker roast, or spaghetti and meatballs.

Don't miss out. Just a little thought and creativity will help you and your friends make some great memories this New Year’s Eve.