Top 5 Things You Can Do Today to Create Community in Your Neighborhood

Top 5 Things You Can Do Today to Create Community in Your Neighborhood

Posted by Red Cup Living on 6th Oct 2015

Connecting a community or neighborhood doesn’t happen overnight but t it can start with you!  So you live in an awesome neighborhood but no one really knows each other?  THAT”S A CRYING SHAME!  Be the first to take a risk and start connecting your neighborhood.  Take one of these suggestions and put it into action today!

1.If you are an all or nothing kind of person—go big or go home right?  If that’s how you roll, put together a progressive dinner for your neighbors.  Get 4-5 neighbors to open their homes each hosting one course in a whole meal.  House #1 would be appetizers, House #2 would be salad, House #3 main dish and finally House #5 dessert!  Each neighbor can sign up to bring a dish or the host of each home can provide the food.  You can combine a great drink at each home too or have a signature cocktail you can find at every stop.  Add in reusable red cups by Red Cup Living and everyone can travel with their cup of choice and take it home to promote future gatherings to keep your neighborhood fun and connected!

2.Halloween is upon us and it's the "booing: season!  Have you ever heard of booing?  Yes, it is a real thing and we’ve been doing it for years.  Here’s how it works…you put together a quick little goodie bag with items that are fun for the season.Think homemade treats or candy corns in a reusable red party cup by Red Cup Living!  Wrap it up with cellophane and a bow to complete the look.  Then print up a booing handout and boo away.  Other great items are pencils, erasers, fun party favors, candles, etc.  Booing is the same concept as ding dong ditching only this time you are leaving a great surprise.  You’ll be amazed at how people respond.  It often starts a chain reaction where others begin passing it on too!  It’s also a great lesson in small acts of kindness for kids too.

3.Hold a patio party!  That is what we call them here at Red Cup Living.  When we are out on our front patio with our red party cups (our reusable ones of course), it is an open invitation for our neighbors to stop by and share a red cup!  No need to RSVP, or bring anything at all!  It is just a time to spend a few minutes discussing our weeks, current events, kids or whatever is going on!  Pizza often gets ordered, kids will play on the lawn and adults get a little respite from their busy weeks.  Try it.  It may take a few times before people will “get it” and stop by but trust us, it’s worth the effort!

4.Find a neighbor to help.  Does a sweet elderly lady live near you?  Is there a mom who just had twins and could use some help?  Know of someone who is dealing with loss?  All of these are great reasons to extend a helping hand.  It can come in so many forms from planting some unexpected flowers, pruning a bush or tree, picking up trash, delivering a fresh meal, etc.  One small act of kindness goes a long way!

Let us know more ideas for how you are connecting your neighborhood!  We love to hear from our fans.  Post picks with #redcupliving. Cheers!