Do You Have a Connected Neighborhood? Simple Steps to Create More Community.

Do You Have a Connected Neighborhood? Simple Steps to Create More Community.

Posted by Red Cup Living on 23rd Oct 2013

Our philosophy at Red Cup Living is that it’s how we impact the people in our daily lives that matters most. It’s so easy to get caught up in our “to do” list or obligations that we never come up for air! Now’s your chance…Our neighborhoods are the closest, simplest and easiest way to positively impact those around us. Don't you wish you had a connected neighborhood? Here are some things we did to create a better sense of community in our neighborhood:

1. When we moved to our home the first thing we did is create a front patio. A patio doesn’t have to be much. It can just be a couple of chairs and place to set your drink! Even front steps work as a place to sit. All you need to do is make it a place where you want to hang out. Whether it is a swing chair, bench, Adirondack or a super modern chair...just put one out and sit in it.

2. Wave and they will come! At first, it was just us sitting on our front porch. We must have waved a thousand times before that first person stopped and we started to talk. From there it just snow balled into more and more people stopping. Eventually, they stayed for a drink, brought their kids, dogs, etc. A real Red Cup Living party! Now we make an effort to sit out every Friday night with our reusable red cups. Our neighbors have come to expect it and we enjoy the time to just sit and hang out.

3. Halloween is a great time to engage neighbors too! We “Boo” our neighbors by leaving a treat and note that they have been Boo’d. We just prepared our bags with candy, pencils, stickers, erasers, small toys, etc. It is fun for the kids, makes people smile and encourages them to pass on a “Boo” or two to those they love. Here is a great link on how to do it with a printable note and everything! Go out and Boo!

Hope these suggestions help you create a great neighborhood! Oh, and don't forget our reusable red cups are the perfect way to start creating a connected neighborhood...get yours today!


Katy (co-founder at Red Cup Living)