Red Cup Living Launches Fun Lifestyle Brand

Red Cup Living Launches Fun Lifestyle Brand

Posted by Red Cup Living on 29th Jun 2012

Red Cup Living® Launches Fun Lifestyle Brand

Paying Homage to the Infamous Red Cup

Company Aims to Connect People and Communities Through Two American Staples: The Iconic Red Cup and the Front Porch

Phoenix, Ariz. (June 27, 2012)—Red cups have been known as ambassadors of good times for over 40 years.  In fact, they have become ingrained in American society, which can be illustrated by the release of Toby Keith’s smash hit and his recent appearance with Kristen Bell in a giant red cup on the 2012 CMT Music Awards.  Identifying with America’s love for the iconic red cup, today Red Cup Living is launching its company and product line which includes four different reusable and dishwasher safe plastic red cups, a patented magnetic red cup bottle opener and an apparel line. Now there is a red cup you don’t have to throw away! The company is establishing Red Cup Living as a fun lifestyle brand to inspire people to come together to create good times and great memories.

Red Cup Living’s mission is to preserve a 100 year American tradition—convening on the front porch or patio.  It used to be that neighbors knew each other. Today, neighbors may share a wall or fence but usually nothing more.  Americans long for what the front porch represents—the ideal of community in America.  Red Cup Living combines these two cultural staples making connecting fun, in a way that brings community back to American neighborhoods through gathering together, sharing conversation and beverages held by a red cup.

Of course, Red Cup Living started with a red cup.  The founders, a husband and wife team, wanted to see their own neighborhood more connected, so they built a large front yard patio and started having casual “patio parties”. Anyone in the neighborhood is invited to stop by for a red cup and conversation.  No formal invites—just a get together. After a few months they were amazed how it brought people closer together, formed new friendships and helped bring a sense of community to the neighborhood.  All this happened while having a lot of fun.  As a result, Red Cup Living was created with the vision to share the Red Cup Living lifestyle and philosophy with the rest of the world.

“Email, texting, and social media all give us an easy excuse to avoid face-to-face interactions.  Life is busy and it’s easy to forget the real value is in relationships and community with others,” said Michael Romley, co-founder of Red Cup Living.  “Red Cup Living stands for bringing back the vital American value of community with a little fun mixed in.”

The Red Cup Living brand is launching with four different reusable and dishwasher safe plastic red cups and a patented magnetic bottle opener in the likeness of a red cup.  The Red Cup Living reusable cups are constructed of high quality, break-resistant, double wall ABS plastic; are BPA and phthalates free and FDA approved. The magnetic bottle opener hangs on the fridge and catches caps when opening a bottle. It’s also available with a lanyard, to be worn around the neck always ready to open the next bottle.  Red Cup Living products are great for parties, BBQs, beach, pool, camping, boating, tailgating or just hanging out.

Each cup has its own personality and are designed to complement favorite beverages:                             

  • 18 oz. cup—the iconic red cup that started it all
  • 32 oz. cup—the huge size always invites a smile
  • 8 oz. wine cup—a red cup on a wine stem
  • 2 oz. shooter cup—the mini version of the red cup
  • 2 oz. shooter cup on lanyard—for wearing around your neck

The apparel line is launching with men’s and women’s tees and hats with the Red Cup Living logo featured so fans can share the Red Cup Living philosophy and way of life. 

About Red Cup Living

Founded in 2011, Red Cup Living is a lifestyle company that manufactures and distributes fun, novelty partyware and apparel.  Our fresh ideas address the loss of community in America. We urge Americans everywhere to raise a cup (especially our reusable red cup) and convene on the front porch or patio to get to know your neighbors.  In support of our mission, Red Cup Living products will be distributed internationally and include a line of reusable and dishwasher safe plastic red cups, a patented magnetic red cup bottle opener and hip apparel. For more information about the company and its products visit