Red Cup Truths by Red Cup Living

Red Cup Truths by Red Cup Living

Posted by Red Cup Living on 7th Feb 2013

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Why is the red cup so universally recognized? What it is about seeing people with shiny red cups that turn heads instantly? Now we all know we want to be a part of something larger than ourselves and in a strange way, I think the red cup helps us do just that. Here are some of the red cup truths we know at Red Cup Living:

1. It's a universal sign of people having a good time.

2. The cup is...oh you!

3. Red cups bring people together. (Don't we need more of that today?)

4. It doesn't matter what is in your red cup as long as you come to the party!

5. Any drink tastes better in a red cup. No really it does! It is scientifically proven.

6. The disposable version is #6 plastic, which is not a recyclable plastic. (Check out our reusable cups which are recyclable!)

7. They aren't just for college kids.

8. It is strange how every once in a while you will just see one random red cup lying around.

9. If red cups suddenly went away, half the population would be very upset.

10. Red cups used to be a way for college kids to conceal what they were drinking. Did they ever fool anyone?

11. Red cups are a modern symbol of Americana--a cultural staple.

12. Red cups have a bunch of different uses.

13. Red cups have been around for over 40 years and still going strong!

14. Red cups make people smile.

What is your red cup truth? Share it with us!