Tips and Tricks for the Best Halloween Ever!

Tips and Tricks for the Best Halloween Ever!

Posted by Red Cup Living on 29th Oct 2013

Halloween is hands down the number one holiday where people get out and about in their neighborhoods. It is the perfect time to invite neighbors, family and friends over for a little fun. Please share how you plan to celebrate Halloween this year by posting a comment (email address is required but won’t be shown publicly). If you are chosen we will send you 4 Red Cup Living cups of your choosing! (can only be mailed within the US). Read on and find out how we spice up the night!

Guess where we are on Halloween night? You got it—our front patio! The trick or treaters never even get to knock on our door! Instead we greet everyone with smiles and of course candy. For the weary parents a drink of choice in red cups of course.

My favorite Halloween was one where nothing was overly planned. There were some decorations, food, drink and costumes but nothing over the top. We just made our house one to stop by (especially at the end of the night) for some refreshment and you wouldn’t believe how many people came! Letting a party naturally evolve is hands down the best way to go. My patio and kitchen was filled to the brim with people having a great time! Friends, family and neighbors united and enjoying the one evening a year where just about anything goes! Here is a quick list of tips and tricks we do at my house to make this the best Halloween ever:

1. Put a little elbow grease in costumes…okay if you have kids turning their dress up dreams into reality is so gratifying. Here are some costumes I have made for my kids (Earth and a lighthouse). All it takes is a little imagination and Home Depot! The best costumes are always the ones made from scratch. The added plus is that they will always take home the prize for best costume!

2. Make your home inviting! Decorate (my favorite secret is the .99 cent store) and make it fun for all. I get so many positive comments on my silly decorations. It sets a fun tone for the upcoming night and is enjoyed by so many more than just your family. If you don’t have a lot of space what about some orange lights and a fun spider web? Go on have fun with it and send out a welcome message to your neighborhood!

  • Hang spiders from trees and add some web
  • Get dry ice and a plastic cauldron
  • Get a candy bowl that talks
  • Find the pumpkin strobe lights (they make pumpkins come alive)
  • Luminaries with battery powered votives make the perfect path lighting
  • Spooky music or sound effects playing in the background

3. Don’t forget about the food and drinks! We all get sugared up on Halloween so all the more reason for a little sustenance. Make sure to add some Halloween flair to the food. A great example is putting a dip coming out of a pumpkin’s mouth. Need I say more? Here are some of my usual eats:

  • Small hot dogs rolled in pastry rolls. They look like chopped off fingers! Or you can make them little mummies.
  • Queso dip is not only tasty but the perfect color too.
  • 1 can chili mixed with Velveeta is another dip – called “barf” dip in my family.
  • Ghoulish guacamole – put cranberries in it for an extra surprise!
  • Fun punch (can be spiked for adults) with dry ice and of course don’t forget about the reusable red cups for serving!

4. Let your neighbors know to stop by! Evite has some great Halloween invitations to send out and let people forward to others they know in the neighborhood. If you don’t have emails, just make a flyer and put in your neighbors mailboxes.

5. I call Halloween the start of the “sugar season”. Candy galore doesn’t have to be your fate. Here’s what we do at my house. Kids come home with loads of candy and we dump it all out on the table. Each kid picks 15 pieces of candy. We then donate the rest of the candy to our troops. In exchange, I buy each kid a small toy of their choosing. If you don't have a local organization doing this already...why don't you start one?

So go out there and make it the best Halloween ever! Remember it isn’t how much stuff you do but the spirit in which you do it that counts.