Top 5 Olympiad Stories:  Amazing Examples of the Human Spirit

Top 5 Olympiad Stories: Amazing Examples of the Human Spirit

Posted by Red Cup Living on 12th Jul 2012

I have seen a few Olympics.  Yet somehow the magic and wonder of the games never get old.  The energy and excitement of what is possible renews itself every 2 years.  And each Olympics has a different story.  There is the story of where it is held, what is going on in the world when they take place but most of all the individual stories of the athletes are what truly make the Olympics so rich for everyone.  Without their stories of sucess, adversity, and the trials of the human spirit the Olympics would be largely empty and meaningless.  I like to think everyone has a "story" to share with the world.  Some of us get a world stage.  Others do not.  What is your story?  Here at Red Cup Living, we have one...check it out here.  Did you ever think you should share your story?  Here are some stories that have impacted me from the games...check them out and be inspired!

1.  The Irish gymanst Kieran  What a guy!  He was told he would never walk again at the age of 10 and then suffered a traumatic head injury two years later.  And that is not all. His goal was to just compete and even his bus got lost. His story of perserverance should be read by everyone! Read more..

2.  Lochte, Lochte, Lochte.  Already a successful competitive swimmer however he was living in the shadow of Michael Phelps. (I wouldn't want to follow the Michael Phelps show either.)  He decided to step up his training this year and begins every workout with 650 lb. tire.  Yikes!  He knew it would take more effort than he ever imagined and yet he made it his reality last night winning the 400 IM with complete ease.  He didn't even look tired after the race.  Congrats Lochte.  You prove that hard work and determination always pays off.  Now isn't that American? Watch this...

3. Who's that girl? A strange aborition showed in the opening ceremonies.  In the middle of India's athletes walking in yellow saris and yellow turbans with blue coats a women was spotted in teal pants and a red sweater...a long pause and hmmmmmmmmmm.  Find out who she is and why she was there.  My opinion is so many get soooooooo excited and overwhelmed by the events they just have to take part.  Good for her...sad for security but good for her.  I am sure it was the realization of a dream come true!  It taught me sometimes you really have to seize the moment! Read more...

4.  Kerry Walsh-Jennings and Misty May-Treanor almost didn't come to the Olypmics as a team!  Misty thought she was through and at the last minute joined her partner Kerry for one last hoorah.  Last night they really showed their stuff.  It wasn't an easy win against Australia but they proved they can take the heat.  They have played for over 12 years and they have dominated the beach volleyball scene winning an astounding 112 consecutive matches in 2007 and 2008.  This is such an inspiring example of two heads are better than one.  It is amazing the impact we can have on one another.  Check out more about their win last night. Not a gold medal but certainly a huge career victory for them both.

5.  Imagine being born without fibulas.  This was the plight of Oscar Pistorius and now he is the first double-amputee to compete in an able-bodied Olympics.  And yes, he is running!  He is a great reminder that we are limited only by our fears and that truly anything is possible as long as we believe it.  Most of us don't live in such extreme circumstances but doesn't it challenge you to find something you thought might be impossible for you and see how you might make it possible?  Check out more about Oscar "the blade runner" here.    

Doesn't this inpsire you to keep writing your story?  Cheers from all of us at Red Cup Living!