We the people...Red Cup Living for President!

We the people...Red Cup Living for President!

Posted by Red Cup Living on 3rd Oct 2012

We the people...

We think our country isn't as divided as the folks in Washington would have us believe.  Most of us share the same American values of honesty, integrity and hard work.

Unfortunately, our government on both sides of the aisle has failed us. Whatever happened to being a true public servant?  Well, we are here to vote Red Cup Living!  Unite on our patios, share a red cup and discuss the issues. I think we will find that there are real issues we can solve right in our own neighborhoods.  What happened to we the people? Isn't it time we got together?  Let's unite and work together to solve our nations problems.  

Let's not wait on politicians who are more concerned about re-election than solving real problems.  

If you like our message start a caucus on your patio!  Who knows where it will go! Our reusable red cups will help you get started, use coupon code REDCUPSUNITE and receive 10% off your purchase! 

Cheers and happy caucusing!

If you want to be a part of a better America, let's start the conversation.  Like us on Facebook and post your comments about what we can do in our own neighborhoods for a stronger America!

And yes, this sign is actually in our yard.  Amazing how many people have stopped!