Pack it Up in a Red Cup!

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Go, go go!

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A Red Cup for Kids? Oh yeah!

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Get your game on.

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It’s not just a cup. It’s a lifestyle.®

Red Cup Living is about coming together with friends, family and neighbors to create good times and great memories.
- Katy & Mike, Founders

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It doesn’t matter what is in your red cup
as long as you come to the party.

Isn’t it time you shared more than a fence with your neighbor?

After purchasing a home from family friends, we immediately built a brick patio out front. Why? We wanted to know our neighbors. Tall, short, young, old, successful, struggling, worldly, religious, liberal, conservative—it really didn’t matter. We believe everyone has something to offer. So, every Friday night (and other times if there is something to celebrate) we open our patio, share red cups and conversation with friends, family and neighbors.

It all began with our family. At the end of the day, when everyone was arriving home from work, school, etc. they would stop by and have a red cup. Regardless of what was in the red cup, it was a sign of a fun, spontaneous get-together. A time to talk, connect and just relax from a long week. Soon our neighbors started to come over. Most people we knew and some people we didn’t. Neighbors met each other and new friendships were born. After a while, it became clear that the red cup and patio parties were a way of life, a philosophy – we call it Red Cup Living®. Ironically, it was over red cups during one of these patio parties that the idea of reusable red cups was envisioned.

Our mission is to inspire others to get together with friends, family and neighbors to create good times and great memories. There’s no better way to do that than sharing a red cup and conversation. Do you have a tight-knit neighborhood? Regardless of your answer, we hope to ignite patio parties across America and challenge each person to raise a red cup and connect.

No matter what your red cup holds, we say “Cheers!” We encourage you to check out our products and use them for your own patio parties. Who knows the change you could start?

Raise a Red Cup & Cheers!
Mike & Katy

Ingrained in the business model for Red Cup Living is giving back. As we progress as a company, we plan to launch community based initiatives to support neighbors who need a hand up and help make our communities stronger, safer and more connected. Check back to see how we are making our social mission a reality with just a red cup!

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Red cups are an international sign of people having a good time.

The famous red cup is an icon—a cultural staple. Now you don’t need to throw it away! Meet the Red Cup Living family—The Original Reusable red cups! SHOP NOW »


Red Cup Living Product Features

Reusable & dishwasher safe
Great for parties, BBQs, beach, pool, camping, boating, tailgating or just hanging out
Break-resistant, solid double wall ABS plastic
BPA & phthalates free; FDA approved
Kind to our earth
Proudly designed in the USA

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Any drink tastes better in a red cup. It’s proven. Really it is!

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The disposable version is #6 plastic, which is not a recyclable plastic (so have you check out Red Cup Living's reusable, dishwasher safe and recyclable red cups)?


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It is a cultural staple-nearly everyone recognizes the red cup.