Red Cup Living's Story - How We Got Started – Red Cup Living, LLC

Let us tell you about our story.

Years ago we had a question:  Why wasn't our neighborhood more connected and what can we do about it?  In 2008, just one month after moving into our new home, we wanted to answer that question.  But how?  One word came to mind - GATHER.  Be the place people want to come and hang out.  That very idea became the vision for our home.

Sharing a red cup was the answer.

We began holding 'patio parties' on Fridays. Anyone who wanted could stop by and share a red cup.  A simple, fun and spontaneous get-together.  Time to talk, connect and just relax from a long week.  Soon patio parties became a way of life in our neighborhood.  With larger parties, more single-use red cups were being thrown away.  It spawned the idea for the first reusable red party cup.  Red Cup Living came to life that day.  Fast forward 12 years later and we are still in the business of inspiring closer communities with reusable red cups.

Our mission

Our mission is to inspire people to come together with friends, family and neighbors to create good times and great memories.  

By gathering together to truly connect, we believe it will unite neighborhoods and communities across the country. We love seeing relationships being created, neighbors helping neighbors and people feeling a sense of connection in their communities.



We are here to help you.   Questions about reusable red cups, customization or wholesale?  Drop us a line!