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by Red Cup Living 10 Jan 2022
The recent times have brought us closer to the unprecedented truth; it is making us think about issues that are real like climate change. One of the recent studies in Harvard has pointed out how climate change relates to other species on Earth and that matters to our health and our risk of infections.
The other crisis which we witnessed during the pandemic was the usage of single-use disposable products like gloves/PPE suites and also masks; this has been gathering up at ocean coastlines and littering the seabed. It has been estimated that 3.4MM single-use disposable products have been used during the pandemic. To erase this single disposable waste many INGOs/Government organizations are setting up reusable industries.
Each year tons and tons of waste and single-use disposable products are piling up in our landfills. The culture of throwing away single-use products is something that has registered in our mind; this has become part of our habit.
How do we erase this form of litter?
The only solution is changing the culture of throwing away single disposable cups. We can use reusable products for almost everything, from shopping bags to cups!
We would urge our subscribers and conscious individuals to enter 2022 with the change and that can be fulfilled by the Reusable Cup from Red Cup Living. This can be one cup towards the change which we can easily incorporate into our lifestyle.
We have witnessed a lot of waste on modern homes and by going reusable we can start making smart moves and opt for a sustainable lifestyle. Modern life is all fast-paced and unconsciously we have developed habits that pave the way to global issues which are a threat to our planet, so we need to be mindful of our actions. To keep this in check there are a handful of people; conscious enough to make some changes and opt for a lifestyle that is mindful and great as well.
So, starting 2022 with this mindset can make a huge difference!!
How is the Red Cup an Ideal way of change?
We call Red Cup ‘The Cup of Change‘ not for nothing, our mission is to change the single-use plastic habit. We want to encourage individuals to make conscious choices by using economical, user-friendly, appealing, and reusable plastic products.
We believe in “Connecting Communities” in the most educated fashion and being an alternative to single-use disposable cups.
We are committed to living a green lifestyle and being reusable and reducing single-use products.
We perfectly blend with aesthetics and necessity.
Thank you for reading!!
See you next year!

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