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How Many Sizes of Reusable Red Cups, We have?

by Red Cup Living 29 Jan 2024


For those who love the iconic red party cup but want to reduce their environmental footprint, Red Cup Living has revolutionized the game with a vibrant range of reusable red cups. From beer mugs to baby sippy cups, their lineup caters to various preferences and occasions.

In this blog, We'll delve into the exciting sizes and styles offered by Red Cup Living, providing a closer look at the diverse options available.

24 oz Beer Mug: The 24 oz beer mug is a classic favorite, offering the familiar shape of a red party cup in a larger size. Perfect for gatherings, BBQs, or just enjoying a cold beverage, this mug is a durable and reusable alternative to disposable cups.

18 oz Cup: The 18 oz cup retains the iconic design but in a slightly smaller size, making it versatile for a wide range of drinks. Whether it's soda, iced tea, or a fruity cocktail, this cup is an excellent choice for everyday use.

32 oz Cup:  When you need a bit more capacity for your thirst-quenching needs, the 32 oz cup steps up to the plate. Ideal for those who like to stay hydrated with larger beverages, this cup ensures you won't run out of your favorite drink too quickly.

5 oz Shooter Cup: The 5 oz shooter cup is a playful addition to the lineup, perfect for serving up shots or small portions of your favorite spirits. Its compact size makes it a hit at parties and gatherings.

2 oz Shooter Cup: For those who prefer a smaller shot, the 2 oz shooter cup offers a daintier option. Its petite size makes it convenient for quick sips or tasting sessions.

12 oz Cocktail Cup: The 12 oz cocktail cup brings a touch of sophistication to your drinkware collection. Perfect for mixed drinks and cocktails, it allows you to enjoy your favorite beverages in style.

Pink Shooter Cup with Lanyard: Add a splash of color to your party with the pink shooter cup, complete with a lanyard for easy carrying. This stylish accessory ensures you're always ready to raise a toast.

8 oz Wine Cup: Wine enthusiasts can rejoice with the 8 oz wine cup, designed to capture the essence of a red party cup while providing an elegant vessel for your favorite vino.

15 oz Margarita Cup: Bring the fiesta home with the 15 oz margarita cup. Its festive design makes it the perfect companion for celebrating special occasions or enjoying a refreshing margarita.

Baby Sippy Cups: Red Cup Living even caters to the youngest members of the party with their baby sippy cups. These spill-proof cups are a playful and eco-friendly alternative for toddlers.

Shot Cup with Lanyard: The shot cup with lanyard is a convenient way to keep your shot glass within reach during festivities. Perfect for socializing without worrying about misplacing your drink.

24 oz Cup with Lid and Straw: For those who prefer a covered option, the 24 oz cup with lid and straw offers a spill-resistant solution while maintaining the classic red cup look.

Party Bucket: Taking the party to the next level, the party bucket is a must-have for gatherings. Fill it with ice and an assortment of drinks to keep the festivities going without constant trips to the cooler.


Red Cup Living has successfully blended the charm of the traditional red party cup with the sustainability of reusable drinkware. With a diverse range of sizes and styles, there's a Red Cup Living option for every occasion – from casual gatherings to formal celebrations. Cheers to enjoying your favorite drinks in an eco-friendly and stylish manner!

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