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Party Under the Sun: Affordable Summer Party Ideas

by Red Cup Living 16 Aug 2023
  • Fiesta
  • Deck out your party area with red and white decorations, and of course, use red cups for all your beverages. Serve up delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine, like tacos, nachos, and margaritas, and encourage your guests to join in a salsa dance-off for added fun.


  • Beach Bash
  • Turn your backyard into a tropical paradise with a Beach Bash theme. Set up a sandy area for beach volleyball, lay out colorful beach towels, and have a variety of water games ready. Serve fruity cocktails, mocktails, and snacks in reusable Red cups, giving your guests the perfect beach party experience.


  • BBQ Cookout
  • Combine the classic summer BBQ with the vibrant spirit. Grill up your favorite summer dishes, whether it's burgers, hot dogs, or grilled veggies. Use Red Party Cups for drinks and even as creative serving containers for snacks. Play lawn games like cornhole and frisbee, and enjoy the simple pleasure of good food and great company.


  • Karaoke Night
  • Host a fun and energetic Karaoke Night. Set up a stage area, complete with a karaoke machine and a variety of songs for your guests to sing along to. Encourage everyone to grab their red cups filled with their favorite drink, whether it's a cocktail or a soda, and take the stage to showcase their singing talents.


  • Picnic
  • Take your summer party outdoors with a Picnic. Choose a picturesque park or a cozy spot in your backyard. Pack picnic baskets with delicious snacks and refreshing drinks in Red party cups. Enjoy the simplicity of a picnic while adding a splash of red to your setup.


  • Retro 
  • Transport your guests back in time with a retro-themed party featuring Red cups. Choose a specific decade, like the 80s or 90s, and encourage your guests to dress in the style of that era. Serve classic snacks and drinks in Red cups, and play hit songs from that time to keep the party grooving.


  • Sunset Sip and Chat
  • Host an elegant evening of conversations and beautiful sunsets with a Sunset Sip and Chat party. Provide a variety of wines, cocktails, and non-alcoholic options in Red party cups. Set up cozy seating areas where your guests can relax, chat, and enjoy the view as the sun sets.


  • Carnival
  • Create a carnival atmosphere in your own backyard. Set up carnival games like ring toss, duck pond, and a bean bag toss, and provide prizes for the winners. Serve classic carnival snacks like cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones in Red cups. It's a nostalgic and delightful way to celebrate summer.


  • Family Fun Day
  • Plan a family-friendly summer party with Red cups at the center. Organize a variety of activities for both kids and adults, such as face painting, a bounce house, and a DIY crafts station. Serve kid-friendly beverages in Red beverage cups, and ensure the whole family has a day filled with laughter and memorable moments.



    With Red Cup Living as your party partner, you have endless possibilities to create a summer event that's vibrant, fun, and unforgettable. Choose the idea that resonates with your vision and the preferences of your guests, and get ready to have a summer party that everyone will be talking about long after the season ends. Cheers to a fantastic summer celebration!

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